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The SSI Schäfer storage bin LF 421 made of polypropylene has a size of L 380 x W 185 x H 154 mm. This box for the storage area holds 7.8 l and is available in various colors.


The SSI Schäfer LF 421 storage bin with practical recessed handles is specially designed for the internal material flow. It is useful for order picking or transport and can be used to reduce noise on conveyor lines. The model is stackable - also in combination with the 14/6 series.


Other advantages include smooth inner walls for easy cleaning and its resistance to oils, acids and alkalis. In addition, the product is temperature-resistant in environments from -20 ° C up to temperatures of + 100 ° C. In addition, the storage display case, which is available in various colors and equipped with label holders, can be a valuable aid in inventorying equipment.




  • Polypropylene
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Insensitive to oils, many acids and alkalis
  • High temperature resistance from -20 ° C to a maximum of + 100 ° C




  • Equipped with recessed grip and label holder
  • Smooth inner walls enable easy cleaning
  • Color options: blue, green, red, yellow
  • Volume 7.8 l
  • Payload: 20 kg
  • External dimensions: L 380 x W 185 x H 154 mm
  • Internal dimensions: L 328 x W 158 x H 142 mm




  • Picking, transporting and storing small parts
  • Noise-reducing on conveyor lines
  • Helpful for a smooth inventory of equipment
  • Integration in shelving systems
  • Stackable (also with series 14/6)


More details:


  • Accessories such as labels available
  • Made by SSI Schäfer
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year guarantee

LF 421 (380 x 185 x 154 mm)

Excluding VAT
  • Stackable

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