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Rack Inspection & Mapping Service

Rack inspection


Seismic design pallet racking is a crucial component for warehouses located in seismic zones. Earthquakes can cause significant damage to warehouse structures, leading to irreparable damages and potential fatalities. 


Seismic design pallet racking is specifically engineered to withstand the forces generated by seismic activity and ensure that the structure remains intact. This type of pallet racking is designed to resist lateral forces and maintain its stability during an earthquake. The design process includes various calculations and simulations to determine the ideal configurations and materials to ensure the maximum level of seismic protection.


The use of certified high-strength steel and bolted connections, as well as proper anchoring to the floor (usually by chemical anchors), further enhance the stability of the structure. The end result is a pallet racking system that can withstand seismic activity and maintain the safety of the staff. Seismic designed pallet racking is a crucial investment for warehouses located in seismic zones, providing peace of mind and protecting against costly damages and potential safety hazards.


A few notes about seismic systems

SPIMA have extensive experience and numerous completed references for seismic storage systems. Seismic systems are designed from the ground up; existing systems cannot be upgraded

In short, seismic racking take the following into account:

  • the norms in your specific location (Cyprus takes the Eurocode 8 or UNI EN 1998:2005),

  • the seismic data in your location (ground acceleration or Amax & soil type of your area, denoted by A-E

  • the pallet data (dimensions and max weight)

  • and lastly the height of the first level and subsequent spacing of each beam level.

The manufacturer will then do the static analysis through specialised software to get the specific system design.

Usually what the special design entails is special frame bracing patterns, specially designed base plates as well as chemical anchors which in themsleves have special seismic properties. Sometimes additional back bracing, plan bracing or seismic towers will be placed.

In addition to the above, all the basic elements such as posts primarily & bracing, as well as sometimes beams, get upgraded. As a result, a bay configuration that under static conditions is able to take 30 tons for example will take much less under a dynamic load.


The whole design is on the complete system so if any of the above parameters change, the whole system has to be redesined. For a more comprehensive read on seismic racks please read our article.


Below are some examples of the aforementioned.

pharmalink (1).jpeg

Are you considering investing in a seismic design storage system?

If you are considering seismic racking or need more information please contact us to discuss your requirements. Seismic design should ideally be considered for any structure (racking/shelving/multi-tier etc) above 3m in order to safeguard against the unpredictable event. 

We have years of experience and our suppliers have the know how to design for every situation. Dont wait for for the event to happen. Protect your business now!

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