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Clean small, compact spaces with the convenience of our cordless models, with Tennant's durable T-Series scrubber-dryers. To reduce chemical and water use, choose a scrubber-dryer with ec-H2O™ chemical-free cleaning technology. Clean large spaces in less time with Tennant's ride-on scrubber-dryer line.

SLX 720 walk behind sweeper

Clean small, compact spaces with the convenience of cordless, durable designs. Tennant's walk-behind sweepers are available for indoor and outdoor applications-something for everyone's sweeping needs. Tackle the toughest sweeping jobs with maximum efficiency. Tennant ride-on sweepers are available with patented cleaning technologies to effectively clean even the largest areas quickly with optimal dust control.​​​​​​​


Industrial or commercial vacuum cleaner for your facility’s floors. Clean almost anywhere with Tennant Company's complete line of back-pack and canister vacuum cleaners. Count on Tennant vacuuming equipment for durability and versatility for application in almost any environment with heavy-duty, lightweight, single motor, wet-dry options available.​​​​​​​​

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