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Rack Inspection & Mapping Service

Rack inspection


The European Union has recently adopted a new code EN 15167 which requires regular inspections of racking installations to ensure work place safety of warehouse operatives. The code dictates the level of damage to racking systems when racking components must be repaired or replaced.


Did you know that a damaged frame can weaken your rack configuration by up to 40%? This inevitably puts the lives of your workforce in danger, and to a further extent it will have severe impact on the productivity and flow of orders to your customers in the case of an accident, not to mention the time-consuming claims and involvement of insurance companies etc.


Even the best run warehouses are not exempt from accidents; if the damages are not reported and the racks remain fully loaded there is a huge risk to the warehouse operation.

Spima has now launched the rack inspection service, available to all Cyprus businesses. The rack inspection service puts a stop to this danger, by enabling companies to have peace of mind that their installations have been assessed for safety, and have implement the suggested repairs by an authorised body. With over 25 years experience in the field of pallet racking and hundreds of installations nationwide, rest assured that we will carry out a rigorous inspection always in acordance to the above guidelines. The service does not include spare parts or fixes but a site visit & thorough inspection followed by a report of the defects and what action to take for each. Signboards are also available in order to display to personnel the allowable loads.


The rack inspection costs are as follows:

  • Upto 3000 pallet locations: 299 euros (ambient), 599 euros (deepfreeze) - VAT excluded

  • Between 3000 to 5000 pallet locations 399 euros (ambient), 799 euros (deepfreeze) - VAT excluded

  • Above 5000 pallet locations pls contact us for a quote

Example report and map issued with this service is shown below:

Screenshot 2022-02-01 124139.png


Furthermore an additional (or standalone) service is the rack mapping for the necessary display of passways, escape routes and fire points of the premises, as required to be displayed at all times by the fire safety regulations. In addition to this the side views will be displayed showing the placement of the first beam level (the most important for system staility) as well as subsequent ones thereby leaving no doubt as to whether they have been tampered with. The fees for this are as follows:

  • Mapping in 2D (delivered to client in PDF format to scale): we will quote according to your warehouse layout and systems installed - starting at €299 + VAT for simple APR racks upto 3000 pallets.

The above only includes standard APR racks and standard shelving. For all other types including Drive in, mezzanines and special storage systems please ask us for a quote.


Sending us hand sketches by email is also allowed (so long as there are dimensions displayed); we can then map your system in accordance to that and deliver by e-mail.

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