Designed to protect the end of racking aisles where turning vehicles and equipment can impact vulnerable racking structures.  The Single Rail version will absorb and deflect repeated contact from vehicles with lower centres of gravity, preventing damage to racking systems.  The circular end posts provide enhanced protection at the barrier ends which are most susceptible to impact. Innovative spinning collars further deflect and dissipate impact forces.

RackEnd protection can be further enhanced by the addition of ForkGuard™.  Specifically developed to deflect dangerous penetration from vehicle forks, ForkGuard™ will defend racking structures from the ground up.

eFlex™ Single RackEnd Barrier with iFlex™ ForkGuard™

  • Available in various lengths and with yellow rails and posts as standard. Suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 255 - 345mm.


Spima is a premium Intralogistics solutions provider serving the materials

handling sector and logistics industry in Cyprus since 1990.


We are the sole distributor of leading European manufacturers supplying

the Cyprus market with a full range of products, ranging from simple office

filing cabinets to complex automated warehousing installations.


Our products range from docking equipment, industrial cleaning

machines, industrial high speed & garage doors, light duty handling

equipment to office filing & archiving systems.



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