Racking Systems

There are a plethora of systems available to suit one's requirements. Which one or combinations you should choose depends on several factors including budget, storage required, need of access and speed of order fullfilment. Below are the most common systems used. 

APR (Adjustable pallet rack)

Single rows at ends and double rows in the middle with typical aislewidth of 3 - 4 m for use with reach trucks or conventional trucks. 


  • Direct access to every pallet

  • Low cost

  • Flexible system


  • Lots of space needed due to large aisles

  • Relatively low storage

Flow rack

High density system where the truck deposits the pallet on the back side and picks from the front (first in / first out principle). The pallet rolls down on rollers.


  • High density

  • FIFO without complicated mechanics

  • Ideal as commissiong buffer


  • Loss of height due to incline

  • Relatively expensive for a manual system

VNA (Very narrow aisle)

Single rows at ends and double rows in the middle with typical aisle width of 1.5 - 2 m for use with VNA trucks


  • High density

  • Direct access to all pallets

  • High throughput


  • Superflat floor needed (extra cost)

  • Expensive rack handling

  • Extra handling step needed

Mobile rack

Normal APR rack that moves on electrical mobile bases allowing for the opening of 1 aisle for storage and retrieval. Multiple aisles can open for picking.


  • High density

  • Flexible

  • Access to all pallets


  • Limited picking possibilities

Drive in

High density system where the for lift drives into the system and places the pallet on rails. It is suitable for large quantities of common SKUs where movements happen in bacthes.


  • High density


  • Only access to 1 pallet per row

  • Low throughput

Channel storage

Similar to a drive in system, this rack allows for the maximum storage as an electrical shuttle stores and retrieves the pallets after placed by the forklift on the entry side.


  • Very high density

  • FILO and FIFO

  • High throughput


  • No direct access to pallets


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