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The Smart Pack - myQ

Smart phone enabled gateway for remote opertion of door.

Imagine being able to check whether your garage door is properly locked, even when you’re not home. That you can see who opened your door and when. Or being able to open the door remotely to let someone in. These are all options using The Smart Pack; for your ease of mind.

The Smart Pack bundles all the products needed to upgrade your garage door to a smart garage door.

Your house is getting smarter, so why not your garage door?

Stay in control

Two main users and five guest users have access to your garage door thanks to the myQ app. Give yourself ease of mind by monitoring and controlling who has access to your garage, and when.

Ultimate security

Where you can sometimes lose keys which may end up in the hands of strangers, that is not the case with myQ. Access to your garage and house is protected by means of a triple verification system in your smartphone. And so your door stays safely closed even if you lose your phone.

Operation using the myQ app

You’ve already taken the first step, as you have a smartphone! All you need to do now is to buy and simply install The Smart Pack, and download the myQ app.

The ultimate way of operating your garage door in the palm of your hand.

myQ Gateway

Using the myQ Gateway, you link your garage door opener to your Internet connection. This allows you to operate and manage your door anywhere in the world, using your smartphone, tablet or computer!

myQ Safety Beam

The infrared myQ Safety Beam ensures the best possible protection for you and your family. The door will stop closing as soon as the infrared beam is interrupted.

Real-time notification

Receive an alert whenever your garage door opens, closes or remains open. Real-time notifications with a unique audio tone alert you when your garage door opens or closes without you even needing to open your phone.

Invite guests or create co-owners.

As a Smart Pack user, you can safely share limited access with maximum five myQ guest users whom you know and trust. The co-ownership function offers access to two family members or other trusted persons.

The app displays the history of the owner and co-owners, and gives the option of setting alerts for all activities of myQ devices. Co-owners can create new schedules or change existing ones. All device activities of co-owners are registered.

Technical Details

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The Smart Pack - myQ
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