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Parklio™ solutions make your parking secure and connected. With one click, you can control your parking place, share it with others, and optimize overall occupancy. Experience the new parking future with Parklio™ – smart parking for everyone. Spima are now represent Parklio for Cyprus and you can contact us for enquiries.

Smart Parking Barrier

Parklio™ Parking Barrier is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier that protects the parking space from unauthorized usage while providing reliable control and efficient parking management. Compared to the traditional parking barriers, it offers many innovative features and possibilities, including automation.

Parking Posts and Smart Folding Chain Barrier

Parklio™ Chain is the automatic chain barrier/bollard controlled via smartphone. Our smart parking chain is an ideal solution for the protection of wider entrances and areas. It can cover access points up to 20 meters wide.

Smart boom gate

Parklio is a manufacturer of parking products and solutions from Europe. Our smart parking boom gate barrier is an automatic gate barrier controlled via smartphone and it is used for guarding car parks, entrances, restricted areas, checkpoints, or any other kind of exit/entry point, controlling road traffic in both directions.

App Controlled Parking Bollard

This high-quality hydraulic security bollard will guarantee the safety and it represents an ideal solution for entrance with high-security requirements. With an intensive operative cycle, Parklio™ Bollard is designed to withstand high car flows thus economically and efficiently securing parking places in just a few seconds.

Brain (2).jpg
Parklio Brain

Turn any existing product into a smart one!

Parklio™ Brain enables control of the existing parking solutions, garage doors, high speed doors etch, with a smartphone. By integrating the module, it will be possible to benefit from all the advantages of smart Parklio™ solutions - control via a free smartphone App, key sharing options, real-time information, user-friendly parking management interface, and the possibility of integration with any other information system.

Gateway (1).jpg
Parklio Gateway

Placed in the middle of the Parklio™ universe, Parklio™ Gateway enables remote control of the Parklio™ products. It serves as a bridge between the Parklio™ products and the end-user. Besides coordinating and managing all the data communication between the products, Parklio™ Gateway provides real-time parking occupancy information.

Parking Management System

Parklio™ Parking Management System (PMS) enables reliable control and management of parking lots and Parklio™ smart parking products through a user-friendly interface. Parklio™ PMS is the most advanced parking management system on the market for optimizing parking lot occupancy while providing real-time information about product state, position, and other features.

anpr 2.jpg
Automatic Number Plate Recognition 

Parklio™ Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera captures vehicle images and recognizes license plate numbers on moving vehicles thus enabling automatic entrance or exit on any physical parking protection product, whether it is a parking barrier or a boom gate. Parklio™ ANPR system is mainly used with automatic gate barrier and enables smart detection of vehicle licenses and ensures automatic access for authorized users.

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