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T981 Ride-On Floor Scrubber-Dryer

This effective ride-on scrubber-dryer delivers a high-performance clean in manoeuvrable design that fits into most congested spaces. Clean effectively anytime with T981’s versatile operation and boost productivity with large solution tank capacity. This ride-on offers the right solution for your application with the 80 cm disk, 90 cm disk or 75 cm cylindrical scrub deck options. T981 is ideal for cleaning light-to-medium dirt in large spaces such as retail stores, schools and hospitals, warehouses and factories.

T981 Features and Benefits

Get excellent manoeuvrability and productivity in a ride-on scrubber-dryer that is easy to operate and maintain with intuitive controls. The T981 is best suited for large hard-floor surfaces in areas such as retail, logistics and light industry.

  • Clean in congested areas of the facility with a small turning radius.

  • Get more cleaning done with lead acid batteries that allow cleaning shifts of up to five hours.

  • Boost productivity with the T981's 125 L solution tank capacity.

  • Ease of start-up and quick post-cleaning routines with a fast, no-tool squeegee attachment system.

  • Simplify operator training with easy to choose optimal cleaning settings.

  • Get the right cleaning technology for your application from the three different scrub decks: 80 cm disk, 90 cm disk and 75 cm cylindrical.

  • Increase productivity by reaching more areas of the facility with excellent ramp climbing capability (up to a 16% climbing angle) from a strong front traction motor.

Maintain Health & Safety

Minimise accident risk and help keep employees healthy with the T981’s health and safety features.

  • Minimise the risk of slip-and-fall accidents with excellent water pick-up from a parabolic squeegee design and standard Linatex blades.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Easily operate the T981 using this scrubber-dryer’s simple controls and comfortable design.

  • Perform preventative daily maintenance with ease using the T981's yellow touch points.

  • Streamline operator training with easy-to-use, adjustable cleaning settings.

  • Simplify maintenance with a no-tool, no-touch brush change system.

Reduce Cost to Clean

Clean every square meter of a facility’s floor efficiently and save money with the T981's cost-reducing features.

  • Reach many areas of the facility and get more cleaning done with the manoeuvrability and productivity of a ride-on scrubber-dryer.

  • Maximise cleaning productivity with lead acid batteries that allow cleaning shifts of up to five hours and large 125 L solution tank capacity.

  • Protect the machine and your facility with rubber rollers and a squeegee protection frame.

Enhance Facility Image

Maintain a consistent clean with features that ensure dependable operation to deliver optimal results.

  • Enhance facility image with excellent water pick-up from a multi-stage vacuum motor, parabolic squeegee design and standard Linatex® blades.

  • Easily choose the optimal settings to meet your facility's cleaning needs.

  • Get quick, mess-free tank draining with a large, pinch-style recovery tank drain hose.

Technical Details

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T981 Ride-On Floor Scrubber-Dryer
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