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iFlex Heavy Duty Bollard

Multi-purpose heavy-duty use. Protects corners, doors, impact hotspots and equipment in high-traffic areas. Stops vehicles, allows pedestrian access.

iFlex™ Heavy Duty Bollards are designed to protect against damage caused by heavier-weight vehicles or for use in higher-speed environments.

A-SAFE bollards are strong, durable and highly visible. They protect structures and equipment from impact damage. Heavy-duty bollards reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and also define traffic routes.

They are multi-functional and used extensively in industrial, commercial and public environments.

Max impact rating 8,800 Joules (equivalent to 5.5 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 9.6 km/hr)

iFlex Heavy Duty Bollards are available in yellow and grey as standard. They come in two height variations - 1200mm and 2000mm. Heavy Duty Bollards are suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 1200mm.

Technical Details

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iFlex Heavy Duty Bollard
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