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Show your colors for a clean environment!

  • durable, robust containers made of high quality polyethylene
  • manufactured according to DIN EN 840-1
  • comply with the noise protection regulation according to EU directive 2000/14
  • Suitable as standard for comb bed according to EN standard
  • additional, stabilizing ribs on the upper edges
  • Handy slanted arrangement of the lid handles
  • patented quadruple hinge and extra securing of the hinge pin
  • are subject to constant quality controls by a neutral testing institute
  • prepared for chip recording for identification and weighing
  • Wheel: ø 200 mm
  • Contents: 140 l
  • Weight: 10.1 kg
  • Payload: 56 kg
  • Dimensions: D 555 x W 505 x H 1100 mm

An important and essential step towards reducing waste is the separate collection of valuable materials that are to be returned to the economic cycle. Experience has shown that the more citizen-friendly the collection systems are, the higher the recycling rates are. The versatile range of containers from Schäfer is designed for the combined fillings of the known discharge systems. The choice of container type, size, color or combination of different systems depends on the topographical and infrastructural conditions and the waste to be disposed of. Choose from the wide range the container types that suit your individual needs.

Waste bin 120, 240, 360 L

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