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A range of Modulean™ Shadow Boards to keep track of your tools.


Pick and choose from standard boards of 750 x 750mm to create a modular and lean system to suit your requirements. Each board is supplied with the products on display and fixings, along with a title frame which can be customised to your design. These boards will be sure to stand out in the workplace.


Board 1  5S Information Board – A general information board for 5S and Lean management with an A3 black frame for your own insert.


Board 2  Notice Board* – A notice board consisting of 4 black frames for your own A4 inserts.


Board 3  Magnetic Easy Wipe Board – Blank with a magnetic and dry wipe write on surface.


Board 4  Cleaning Board Dry* – For dry cleaning, consisting of a black dustpan and brush. Each product is supplied with a coloured band to match the board colour of your choice.


Board 5  Cleaning Board Wet* – Consists of a centre pull dispenser and space for a cleaner bottle of your choice (paper towels and cleaner bottle not included).


Board 6  Cleaning Board XL* – Two 750 x 750 boards with a mop, brush, bucket, blank ‘A’ frame floor sign with an A4 yellow and black chevron frame for your own wet floor insert. Supplied with coloured bands to match the board colour of your choice.


Board 7  First Aid Board* – Consists of a medium first aid kit (with contents FOR 11-20 people) and an A4 black frame for your own first aid insert.

Modulean™ Shadow Boards

Excluding VAT
  • SHB005

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