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Specifically designed to provide integrated column protection at any height for square and rectangle universal columns. The unique design features structural support ribs for increased strength and fork deflection, a specially formed air channel to dissipate impact forces, and exclusive indents that expand the surface area of the material to maximise energy absorption. Quick and easy to install, the modular, interlocking sections ensure a tight fit to the column on all sides, avoiding vulnerable gaps, optimising space, and allowing the transfer of energy around and away from the column. A stepped stacking feature connects multiple Column Guards together so they act as one integrated unit instead of separate systems. The step enables the stacked assembly to lock in place and for energy to be dispersed throughout the entire system for superior protection at increased heights. The step also encapsulates and encloses the base plate of the column to shield fixings from impact.

FlexiShield Column Guard

SKU: ASAFE-A-01-14-0024/350x350
Excluding VAT
Colour: Yellow
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  • FlexiShield Colum Guards are configured from different sized corners and expansion panels allowing for infinite combinations and a tailored fit to your column.  The interlocking stacking feature allows the height to be adjusted according to your requirements.

    The corners are available in yellow, and the expansion panels are available in a choice of yellow or black.

    Each Column Guard has an impact height of 0 – 520mm. The impact height can be increased by stacking multiple Columns Guards together.

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