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The CS16 is a compact, reliable and user-friendly micro scrubber-dryer that provides productive cleaning in tight spaces. Its easy-to-use controls, low-profile design and ergonomic handle provide easy operation. The CS16 is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces in areas such as hospitals, retail stores and offices.


CS16 35cm Disk Micro-Scrubber CS16 Highlights

  • Get an easy operation and maintenance experience with the maneuverable, pad-assist cleaning of the CS16.

  • Clean hard-to-reach areas, as well as around and under obstacles, with the CS16's small size and adjustable handle.

  • Maximize productivity with the CS16’s 15L solution tank size and 35cm cleaning path.

  • Reduce noise level and increase run-time with Eco-Mode™ setting.


Easy Operation & Maintenance

Clean small, hard-to-reach areas with the easy to operate and maintain CS16 Micro Scrubber-Dryer.

  • Easily maintain the CS16 and minimise downtime with its simple and effective design.

  • Clean hard-to-reach areas with the compact and maneuverable CS16.

  • Conveniently store the CS16 in more places with a fully adjustable handle.


Enhance Facility Image

Improve the cleanliness of your facility with the CS16’s large tank capacity and compact size.

  • Improve your cleaning results using clean water from the CS16's separate solution tank.

  • Use less water and fewer chemicals than with traditional cleaning methods.


Maintain Health & Safety

Minimise slip and fall accidents, scrub with clean water, and help keep employee's healthy with the CS16's health and safety features.

  • Keep dirty water separate from clean water with separate 15 liter solution and 16,5 liter recovery tanks.

  • Get a safer, drier floor and minimise the risk of slip and fall accidents with the CS16's efficient water recovery.

  • Minimise the strain on your employees and improve ergonomics with motorised brush agitation from the CS16.


CS16 Micro Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer

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  • 35cm

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