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The power of clean

In my many years of experience throughout a number of industries, one thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the lack of proper cleaning routines in the workplace. More evidently however, it is the lack of will to adopt new technologies in order to improve these routines and yes, the cleaning industry is not exempt from technological improvements despite its mundane nature. 

Let's face it, cleaners don't really enjoy the task of cleaning, especially when it comes to public toilets (as the saying goes, it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it) and so simple yet undignified as the job may be, the worker will not care less about carrying out a proper cleaning routine and will skim clean at the best of times giving one a false impression of cleanliness, when in fact the bacteria around the room are having a raging party. 

Traditional cleaning

Cleaning floors with the traditional bucket and mop is simply outdated and all it achieves is spreading germs left and right by the reuse of contaminated water, in addition to leaving facilities unusable for some time until the floor dries.

Mopping does not eliminate bacteria and while the detergent smell is initially noticeable giving one a sense of cleanliness, the foul odor will soon return when the floor is dry, especially through the tile grouting. Smelly and unclean rooms leave a lasting negative impression on customers or visitors and so a clean look and constant fresh smell can increase customer retention and loyalty immensely.

Kaivac no touch cleaning machine

Fortunately there are technologies that can be adopted within your procedures and not only speed up the cleaning process but also enhance it greatly. One company on the forefront of this development is Kaivac; a US based cleaning systems manufacturer that has developed machines allowing the user to clean communal, high contaminated areas like public toilets, industrial kitchens etc by use of no touch cleaning technologies.

By incorporating a powerful water pump unit that allows high pressure washing coupled with a industrial grade wet vacuum unit and dual purpose vacuum and brush wand, highly soiled areas can be cleaned to perfection hygienically without the need of workers touching contaminated surfaces. (see machine details here). The pressure washer and tough bristle brush accompanying the machine can help remove bacteria from the tile grouting as well, the location where of most of the dirt lies and a mop cannot remove.

Applications for this machine is not limited to restrooms but can also include:

Industrial kitchens

Stair wells


Exercise facilities and locker rooms


OmniFlex crossover cleaning

In areas where spraying water is not possible Kaivac have developed the OmniFlex dispense and vac machine allowing the dispense of clean water on the floor before spreading it for dwelling and finally vacuuming it.

The OmniFlex is so versatile that it can be purchased initially as a mop water bucket / with wringer and later be configured into an entire autovac machine (see below)!

Removal of dirt

It is important to understand that the bacterial removal (known as the sanitization process) is not achieved solely by the use of stronger detergents but by the complete elimination of the liquid solution on the floor after its has dwelled for a few minutes. Chemicals merely help break apart dirt particles faster in the water. However, leaving it to dry or spreading it with a mop achieves nothing; the only sure way to ensure complete removal is to vacuum it while still in liquid state. Indeed the outstanding results of this procedure can be verified by use of ATP testing using the SystemSURE plus device as shown below. Compare mopping and wet vacuuming to see the differences for yourself.


In addition to making the cleaner's job a breeze and more dignified there are many more benefits associated with these systems; health benefits in that the bacteria are completely removed by use of the wet vacuuming process, safety benefits by leaving the surface immediately dry thereby eliminating slipping risks and last but not least, cost savings. Cleaners can be more productive and finish their job much quicker thereby focusing on other tasks at hand. In addition because all floors are immediately dry, decreased downtime to the customer is achieved as well as achieving a much cleaner and nicer smelling room; this enhances customer retention as frequent studies show that dirty floors and smelly restrooms drive customers away, never to return.

The complete machine range cannot be illustrated here and that is not the point of this article (for the full range and informational videos please visit the Kaivac website); it is to merely point out that better technologies are available and should be adopted.

New technologies are sprouting up in every industry and one must not hold back from embracing them. With regards the cleaning industry however, I believe Kaivac is going to be the disruptor.

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