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V-CAN-12 Dry Canister Vacuum

The dry canister vacuum range is designed for cleaning specialists, such as contract cleaners and cleaning companies.​

V-CAN-12 Features and Benefits

  • Efficient and ergonomic design, tailored to help users work without extra strain.

  • Standard 3-stage filtration (V-CAN-12 and V-CAN-16), provided to clean floors while maintaining good air quality.

  • Quiet performance, engineered so that floors can be cleaned without disrupting work nearby.

  • Construction with up to 55% (V-CAN-12 AND V-CAN-16) recycled plastic, designed to promote sustainable cleaning programs.


  • 3-Stage filtration (with HEPA cartridge as optional)

  • Integrated cable wrap

  • Two parking positions for easy storage and use

  • Detachable cable

  • Optional tool holder kit

Airflow Rate : 44 l/s - 158 m3/h

Max. Power: 900 W

Number of Motors: 1

Dimensions (LxWxH): 385x390x325 mm

Tool Diameter: 32mm

Weight: 6.1kg

Sound Pressure: 63 dBA

Power Cord Length: 12m

Water Lift: 2260 mm

Tank Capacity: 12L

Technical Details

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V-CAN-12 Dry Canister Vacuum
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