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Parklio™ specializes in cutting-edge smart parking solutions for the 21st century, combining AI, machine learning, and predictive algorithms to create seamless, worry-free parking experiences. Their flagship product, the Parklio™ Smart Parking Barrier, offers smartphone control and digital key sharing options. Alongside this, Parklio™ API delivers real-time parking availability and location data. The range of eco-friendly products, including Parklio™ Gate, Bollard, Chain, and LPR, integrate with existing systems to prevent unauthorized parking and enhance urban life. Experience stress-free, efficient, and sustainable smart parking with Parklio™'s innovative industry solutions.

Smart Parking Barrier

The Parklio™ Parking Barrier is a cutting-edge, smartphone-controlled solution that delivers efficient parking management and protection against unauthorized use. As a high-quality European smart parking barrier, it connects via Bluetooth, enabling seamless control from smartphones or computers. This innovative barrier offers automation and convenience compared to traditional options. Featuring a robust, modern design, Parklio™ barriers provide security, prevent unauthorized parking in driveways, and withstand up to 9 tons of load and 4000N of horizontal force

Smart boom gate

Parklio, a European manufacturer of smart parking products, offers the smartphone-controlled Parklio™ Gate, an automatic barrier for securing car parks, entrances, and restricted areas. With a modern, weather-resistant design, this rising arm gate ensures long-term reliability, efficient operation, and durability. Suitable for various spaces, Parklio™ Gates provide smooth control of traffic flow, temporary entrance for visitors, and prevention of unauthorized access. The smartphone app allows users to effortlessly raise or lower the gate, offering reliable protection for properties with limited parking spaces.

Brain (2).jpg
Parklio Brain

Parklio™ Brain is a universal electronic module that transforms existing parking products into smart solutions. This innovative technology enables smartphone control, key sharing options, real-time information, and seamless integration with other systems. The user-friendly module offers quick access to parking status and occupancy details. Compatible with various outdated products, Parklio™ Brain makes parking management simple and efficient with mobile or Parklio™ PMS control. Easy to install and operable in a wide temperature range, this cutting-edge module enhances your parking experience within a 50-meter open space range using the provided antenna.

anpr 2.jpg
Automatic Number Plate Recognition 

Parklio™ ANPR is an automatic number-plate recognition system that captures vehicle images and identifies license plates, allowing seamless integration with parking protection products. This highly reliable and accurate system uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read plates and grant automatic access to authorized vehicles. Paired with an ANPR camera, it enhances the functionality of gate barriers. Through user-friendly Parklio™ PMS, parking owners can manage license plate databases and control entrances via mobile phones or web browsers. Utilizing AI/ML technology, the system enables quick parking entry and exit for authorized users.

App Controlled Parking Bollard

The Parklio™ Bollard, a high-quality electro-mechanical security solution, ensures safety for entrances with high-security requirements. Designed to withstand intense car flows, it economically secures parking spaces in mere seconds. With a reliable movement mechanism, it operates in all temperatures and weather conditions. Controlled via the Parklio Connect free app, this bollard has a quick rise and fall time of 6-7 seconds.

Parking Management System

Parklio™ Parking Management System (PMS) offers reliable control and management of parking lots and smart parking products through a user-friendly interface. Providing real-time information on product state, position, and features, Parklio™ PMS optimizes parking occupancy. Paired with Parklio™ ANPR, it automates parking lots for a smarter, more sophisticated experience. Utilizing AI and machine learning, PMS delivers fully automated parking management and traffic flow organization. Parklio™ PMS also provides valuable analytics, such as customer behavior, parking statistics, payment records, and sales reports for parking administrators.

Parking Posts and Smart Folding Chain Barrier

The durable foldable steel chain, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and comes in nine sizes, ranging from 4 to 20 meters. Its eye-catching colors enhance visibility, making it ideal for protecting parking spaces or driveways. The automatic driveway chain barrier, designed for private parking lots, is perfect for holiday apartments, hotels, office buildings, and private clinics. With nine available sizes, owners can easily select the perfect length for their needs.

Gateway (1).jpg
Parklio Gateway

Placed in the middle of the Parklio™ universe, Parklio™ Gateway enables remote control of the Parklio™ products. It serves as a bridge between the Parklio™ products and the end-user. Besides coordinating and managing all the data communication between the products, Parklio™ Gateway provides real-time parking occupancy information.

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