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T581 Micro Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer

The T581's quiet sound level, intuitive controls and compact design allow for easy operation and anytime cleaning. This micro ride-on scrubber-dryer is ideal for cleaning large spaces in areas such as retail stores, hospitals and schools.

T581 Features and Benefits

The T581 offers the manoeuvrability and cleaning performance you need in a compact, micro ride-on scrubber-dryer.

  • Clean tight spaces like narrow aisles and check-out lanes with this compact, highly manoeuvrable scrubber.

  • Quickly reach and efficiently clean many far-off areas of a facility in less time than with a walk-behind scrubber.

  • Increase run-times by nearly 20% with ECO mode, which decreases battery usage during operation.

  • Get the right machine for your application with 55 cm single disk or 70 cm dual disk options available.

Reduce Cost to Clean

Clean more efficiently and spend less time scrubbing your facility's floors with the benefits of a ride-on scrubber-dryer.

  • Simplify operator training with an intuitive control panel that features one-button cleaning start-up.

  • Improve productivity levels and increase run-times with ECO mode, which decreases battery usage and makes the battery last longer between charges.

  • Increase consistent cleaning performance and reduce cost to clean with the integrated Chem-Dose cleaning system, which allows you to use less chemicals than traditional scrubbers.

Enhance Facility Image

Maintain a consistent clean with features that ensure dependable operation that deliver results every time you clean.

  • Help prevent slip-and-fall accidents from unintended water at machine start-up with one-button cleaning operation that lowers the scrub head and squeegee at the same time.

  • Diminish messy situations and quickly drain the recovery tank with a large, pinch-style recovery tank drain hose.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Easily operate this compact scrubber-dryer with simple controls and a comfortable design.

  • Simplify pre and post cleaning routines with no-tool, no-touch brush changes with the push of a button.

  • Increase employee satisfaction with the comfort of riding while still having the manoeuvrability to access a variety of tough-to-reach areas.

Technical Details

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T581 Micro Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer
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