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T40 ISO - A40 ISO

Industrial door with thermal break.

Overhead door as the S40/T40/A40 with thermal separation, making it a well insulated door for temperature controlled applications. It does not feature finger protection.


A highly insulating 40 mm overhead door, equipped with

  • PVC end caps

  • PVC top and bottom profiles

  • double side seal

  • track insulator.

This produces a thermal break , providing optimum thermal insulation. For example, the U-value of the T40-ISO is 25% better than that of the standard T40. 

The T40-ISO is a product with an optimum price-performance ratio.


Highly insulating glazed A40-ISO sections are easy to combine with

the T40-ISO for more light in your building. Depending on the required light

output, you can add one or more sections. These glazed sections have a full

thermal break, providing maximum insulation. AND: Condensation has no chance!


• Industrial panel without finger protection

• Thermal break

• Outside Stucco with horizontal lines

Inside Stucco with horizontal lines: RAL 9002

• Standard available in RAL 6009, 7016, 9002, 9006, 9007

and 9010. Optional painted in RAL colour of your choice.

Technical Details

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T40 ISO - A40 ISO
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