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Mobile racking

The main system belonging to the family of dynamic storage, the mobile rack is as versatile as it is efficient in storage.

A mobile racking system is no more than a normal APR pallet rack that is installed on mobile bases, to cretae  a truly versaltile system with 100% goods selectivity at all times. 

The mobile rack is suitable in situations where the warehouse footprint is limited and a maximum amount of storage is desired, or indeed in large deep freeze areas where the cost of energy per pallet is usually very high. In areas like deep freezers, mobile racks can usually have their investment repaid due to the lower energy cost per pallet; space gained with the installation of a mobile rack can be 100% more than APR. In addition to this, cost of building material can be saved due to the high density nature of this system leading to faster return on investment of capital.


  • Programmable control panel

  • Fully equipped with light barriers for maximum safety

Technical Details

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Mobile racking
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