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mFlex Single Traffic Ground

Provides near-ground level impact protection against hand operated equipment. Defines pallet loading zones.

mFlex Single Traffic Barrier Ground Level is designed to safeguard walls, structures, goods and machinery from the wear-and-tear of frequent low-energy impacts at near-ground level.

Over time, such impacts can damage surfaces, materials and stock. They can even break expensive equipment. 

The barriers guide vehicles and prevent them from encroaching onto protected areas.

Max impact rating 2,700 Joules (equivalent to 1.1 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 8 km/hr)

Available in numerous lengths and in yellow, black or grey as standard.  Multi-directional posts ensure an efficient and tailored fit to any location, where a fully modular system means rails and posts can be easily replaced in- situ, without removing adjacent barrier sections.  

Suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 50 – 150mm.

Technical Details

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mFlex Single Traffic Ground
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