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iFlex Single Car Park Barrier

Protection for busy car parks. Protects ramps, walls and walkways against damage by cars, vans and motorbikes.

iFlex™ Single Car Park Barrier is designed to shield ramps, entrance points, perimeters, walls and walkways from vehicle damage.

A-SAFE car park barriers are certified to EN1991, BS6399 and BS6180/DETR standards. These flexible barriers significantly reduce repair and maintenance costs, as they are designed to absorb and dissipate vehicle impact forces before fully recovering. This preserves flooring substrates, avoids barrier repairs and minimises damage to the vehicles.

iFlex Anti-Climb Car Park Barriers are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The unique material is non-scratch, non-corroding and water resistant.

Max impact rating 15,100 Joules (equivalent to 4.2 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 10 km/hr)

Car Park Barriers are certified to EN1991, BS6399 and BS6180/DETR.  They are available in grey as standard, although other colours are available to accommodate the different aesthetics requirements of contemporary car park design.

Technical Details

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iFlex Single Car Park Barrier
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