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Fire roller shutters SFS EI 60/90

The fire resistant SFS EI roller shutter is a solid, reliable and highly effective door with a fire resistance of 60 minutes.

Ideally suited for closing large halls and commercial buildings, fire and explosive environments, office buildings and shopping centers. When connected to a fire alarm system, the roller shutter closes automatically after a fire alarm. The special baffle prevents flame penetration. The roller shutter can be operated for daily use. Available as standard in sendzimir galvanized steel. Optionally available in any RAL color. Tailor-made for every question.


  • Fire protection for daily use

  • Fire resistance EI1-60 minutes;

  • Tested in accordance with EN 1634-1 / EN 13501-2: 2016.

  • CE according EN 16034 available in autumn 2020

Fire resistant roller shutter, also suitable for normal daily use as a closure of wall and facade openings. The high-quality insulating core and special flame barrier ensure an excellent fire-resistant seal.

Fireproof closing of large halls and commercial buildings, fire and explosion hazardous environments, office buildings and shopping centers.

Tested in accordance with -EN 1634-1 / EN 13501-2: 2016. Certification
EI1-60 minutes.
EXAP according to EN 15269-10: 2011 and EN 15725:2010+C1:2012

The rolling armor is composed of cold-rolled, sendzimir galvanized steel double-walled roller shutter profiles 150×62 mm with a wall thickness of 0.8 mm. These double-walled profiles are filled with high-quality insulating materials. The profiles are hinged together over the entire length. Wall sealing against flame penetration by means of labyrinth profiles.

The movement system is composed of two galvanized steel supports with bearings between the tube and the armor rolling over it.

The fire-resistant roller shutter is supplied as standard in galvanized steel. Optional in any RAL color.

The roller shutter is standard equipped with a gravity failsafe chain wheel drive 400V with a control box equipped with control buttons. The control box can be connected to any fire or smoke detection system or fitted with stand-alone smoke detectors. All kinds of controls can be used in daily use.

EXAP according to EN 15269-10: 2011 maximum size 6000 x 6000 mm for EI1-60

Armor weight approx. 30 kg per m2. Total weight depending on version and size.

Ask for the possibilities or request a quote immediately.

Technical Details

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Fire roller shutters SFS EI 60/90
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