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Armco Pedestrian Safety End

Upgrade your Armco barrier for improved safety for your personnel

The Armco Pedestrian Safety End offers a safe and visible termination to Armco rails:

  • Provides greater protection and safety for all pedestrians on the premises

  • Safe and visible termination to Armco rails

  • Promotes safety across your facility

  • Protect any pedestrians against snagging or scrapes from sharp rail edges

  • Supplied as standard in either yellow or black with diamond grade reflectors

  • Pedestrian safety ends for Armco barriers

  • Full retrofit compatibility with all steel Armco terminals

  • Bolt fix secured with 2 No. M16 x 35mm bolt-set (to suit pre-holed Armco rail)

  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% recyclable Polyethylene

Colour Variations:

  • Pedestrian Armco Safety End in Yellow with 2 No. silver diamond grade reflectors

  • Pedestrian Armco Safety End in Black with 2 No. yellow diamond grade reflectors

Technical Details

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Armco Pedestrian Safety End
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