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Build a box to your desired height with these collapsible collars. Optimise your space by collapsing the collars on the return journey. Suitable for euro pallets.


The CC1 frame convinces with its easy, foldable handling for modern logistics and industry. It can be used as a single frame and is compatible with plastic and wooden pallets. In addition, the locking edges ensure that another pallet can be stacked securely. The variable application options enable stress-free and flexible palletizing.



  • Safe and simple locking mechanism
  • Integrated handles 
  • Adhesive field for labels
  • transponder bracket
  • detent
  • 75% volume reduction when folded
  • Increased vehicle utilization (stacks 1-3 times).


Options :

  • Outer Edge Variants

Pallet Collar CC1

SKU: CRA-82550800
63,00 €Τιμή
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