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SLX 720 Walk behind sweeper

The SLX 720 is a medium-sized walk behind sweeper available in a battery or petrol version. Equipped with a traction motor and built-in charger, it is light, maneuverable and quiet.

  • The hopper of the SLX 720 is large, with a capacity of 65 liters, and its emptying is done manually.

  • The battery-free weight of this machine is 99 kg (petrol version) or 96 kg (battery version).

  • The width of the central brush is 700 mm and the working width of the side brushes is 900 mm.

  • The theoretical productivity of the SLX 720 is 5700 m3 / hour.

  • Intuitive control panel.

  • The maximum speed of this sweeper is 3.5 km / h.

  • Access to the ramp is 2%. Filter area of ​​3 m2.

  • The dimensions of this sweeper is 1200x920x920 mm (L x W x H).

Technical Details

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SLX 720 Walk behind sweeper
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