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FlexiShield Column Guard

Tight-fit column protection for square and rectangular columns. Protects vital building structures from light impacts and glancing blows.

FlexiShield Column Guard is designed to provide robust column protection for facilities with standard square and rectangular columns.

FlexiShield Column Guard is quick and easy to install. Its modular, interlocking sections guarantee a tight fit to all sides of the column, for minimal footprint. It can be configured to any height by stacking multiple Column Guards together. Column fixings are encased within the structure to keep them save from impacts and prevent floor damage.

The unique design features structural support ribs for increased strength and fork deflection, as well as specially formed air channels to dissipate impact forces.

Max impact rating 1,600 Joules (equivalent to 1.8 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 4.5 km/hr)

FlexiShield Column Guards can be configured using different sized corners and expansion panels, to create infinite combinations and a tailored fit for your column.  Stackable and interlocking, multiple Column Guards can be used together to add height.

Corners are available in yellow and expansion panels are available in a choice of yellow or black.

Each Column Guard has an impact height of 0 – 520mm. However, the height can be increased by combining multiple Column Guards.

Technical Details

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FlexiShield Column Guard
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