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Fire sectional doors

The fire-resistant sectional door is a reliable and highly effective door with a fire resistance of EI1 90 minutes.

Ideally suited for closing large halls and commercial fire and hazardous areas , storage for dangerous materials , such as PGS15 areas. When connected to a fire alarm system, the overhead door closes automatically after fire alarm . The special baffle prevents flashback . The sectional door can be operated for daily use. Standard available in zinc plated steel or RAL 9002 and RAL 7016 . Optionally available in all RAL colors.


  • Fire proof for daily use;

  • Classification EI1 90 following EN 1634-1;

  • Approved according CE norm EN 16034:2014 / EN 13241:2003+A2:2016;

  • Weight 35 k/m2;

  • Smoke proof SM/SA according EN 1634-3:2014 (optional);

  • Solution for hazardous substances (PGS15);

  • Liquid barrier 400 mm (optional);

  • Integrated wicket door (optional).

Fire resistant sectional door is suitable for nor- mal daily The quality The quality of the insulating core and special baffle provide an excellent fire- proof seal.

Fireproof closure of factories, fire and dangerous areas, storage for hazardous substances as PGS15 areas.

Approved according EN 16034:2014 EN 13241:2003
Classification EI1 90 EN 1634-1

The door leaf is composed of panels having a wall thickness of 65 mm, and are filled with fire-re- sistant material. The panels are finished with Sendzimir galvanized sheeting, RAL 9002 and RAL 7016. The panels are optionally available in any RAL color.

The rail is constructed especially for this door. The standard system is the normal rail. The required head room is 900 mm. High lift – or vertical system is also one of the possibilities.

The sectional door is powered by a FailSafe 400V motor.  The door functions without the assistance of springs.

The sectional door is equipped with a control box with push-buttons up /stop/down. The control box can be connected to any fire alarm and be equipped with stand-alone smoke detectors With daily use, all kind of control systems can be used.

Width up to 5250 mm, height up to 5250 mm. Larger dimensions can be made, but are beyond the test report. Door leaf 65 mm thick.

Ask for the possibilities or request a quote immediately.

Technical Details

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Fire sectional doors
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