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The high speed & fire proof door combo

High-speed turbo doors from EFAFLEX are the ground-breaking high-speed doors. The possible uses of the tried-and-tested STT-FSA have now been increased by the integration of a fibershield fire-protec-tion curtain. For the first time a high-speed turbo door has been combined with an automatic fire-pro-tection system. The result is the fastest and most compact fire-protection door system on the world market. In standard operation you can benefit from all the advantages of the STT high-speed turbo door - in the event of fire from the fully integrated fibershield as a protection against fire, smoke and heat.

Superb fire protection

The automatic fire-protection fire curtain sys-tem “fibershield” provides effective and flexi-ble protection against the spread of fire. It has proven its worth over one hundred times and is the ideal fire containing system for the high-speed turbo door. A specially reinforced and coated glass-fiber weave resists temperatures of up to 1,100 °C –the fact that it is installed flush with the wall means that it also seals off the spread of smoke at the same time. In comparison with non-insulating systems the fibershield reduces the resulting radiation of heat significantly.

An extraordinary combination

The door curtain basically consists of clear acrylic glass laths with at least 70% visible sur-face. The door leaf is accommodated by the circular spiral. This design enables very high speeds; up to 3.0 m/sec depending on door size!

The fire protection is provided by the fiber-shield fire-protection curtain which is fully in-tegrated into the door and acts as a seal.  It complies with the fire-protection category E120 as per EN 1634-1 as well as the radiation resistance class EW30.

As the fire-protection curtain is already inte-grated into the door, no additional space is re-quired; in particular the side opposite the door remains completely free.

The joint controller for both systems assures that the high-speed door opens automatically and the fire protection curtain closes even if there is a power failure.

Technical Details

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