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The TC1 Euro pallet (800X1200mm)is an ideal cleanroom or hygienic pallet for the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry. It offers maximum hygiene as both top and bottom deck are completely closed. The construction is free from cavities or ribs, which ensures reliable protection from contamination or water ingress.



  • Patented welding seam geometry of top and bottom deck ensures highest impact resistance, breaking strength and solid wall thickness
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Excellent bending strength, ideal for roller conveyors or automated high rack systems
  • Ideal for transportation and storage of bagged goods
  • Easy to clean
  • Low residual moisture after drying process
  • All runners have chamfered edges on both sides for ideal use with fork lift trucks



  • Corrosion-protected reinforcement profiles, for load capacities of up to 1.750 kg in high rack
  • Rim options: Without, 7 mm, 22 mm
  • Integration of RFID transponders


SKU: 87065301
Excluding VAT
  • 1000kg

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