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The SB3 pallet box (1000X1200mm) is optionally available in a closed or perforated version, with three runners or nine feet. The particularly stable runner or foot connection ensures extreme resistance and, with the former version, secure lift-tilt emptying by a rotating forklift. Additional ribs on the outer walls of the large load carrier provide increased impact protection against forklift tines while the seamless construction and the smooth inner surfaces enable easy emptying, easy cleaning and good drying properties. The all-round stacking shoulder in the upper and lower edge make the container compatible with a large number of other pallet boxes (Euro stacking system).


  • One-piece injection moulded with 3 runners or 9 feet
  • Walls and bottom closed or perforated
  • Extra strong connection of the runners or feet
  • Ram protection through additional ribs on the sides, for increased resistance to forklift tines
  • High stability of container bottom due to strong ripping
  • Euro stacking system (all-around stacking shoulder) for compatibility with a variety of other pallet boxes
  • Smooth interior walls for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Perforated version: Vents are chamfered on the inside to protect sensitive goods.
  • One closed drain port with integrated thread and drilling mark, each on one long side (2-inch) and on one short side (1-inch)
  • The container is based on DIN EN 13626 and DIN EN ISO 12048


  • One open drain port with integrated  thread each on one long side (2-inch) and on one short side (1-inch)
  • RFID Transponder
  • Lid
  • Individual printing

Pallet Box SB3

SKU: 81940811
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Colour: light grey
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  • Virgin HDPE

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