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T291 Small-Size Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer

T291 Features and Benefits

Effectively clean, even in small spaces, with the ergonomic and straightforward T291 Small-Size Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer.

  • Clean small or congested areas with the T291's compact and manoeuvrable size.

  • Optimise cleaning performance with a self-leveling brush / pad.

  • Get easy start-up and quick post-cleaning routines with a fast, no-tool squeegee attachment system.

  • Clean more efficiently with control panel indicator lights alerting the operator of low solution tank or full recovery tank.

  • Reduce noise levels and water consumption while increasing run-time with ECO mode.

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Maintain cleaning performance with features that ensure dependable operation and consistent results every time.

  • Clean during the day with reduced noise levels with ECO mode.

  • Get excellent water pick-up with an adjustable squeegee design and standard Linatex® squeegee blades.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Easily operate this compact scrubber-dryer with simple controls and a comfortable design.

  • Simplify operator training and preventative daily maintenance with yellow touch points.

  • Easily see helpful machine information with intuitive controls on the large LCD display.

  • Operate with ease using pre-programmed Standard and ECO cleaning settings.

  • Start cleaning quickly and streamline your post-cleaning routine with a fast, no tool squeegee attachment system.

Maintain Health & Safety

Minimise accident risk and help keep employees healthy with the T291’s health and safety features.

  • Improve operator comfort with adjustable controls.

  • Minimise slip and fall accidents and get excellent water pick-up with the T291's adjustable squeegee design and standard Linatex® blades.

Reduce Cost to Clean

Lower cleaning costs without sacrificing cleaning area with the T291's cost-reducing features.

  • Clean more efficiently with control panel indicator lights that alert the operator when the solution tank level is low or the recovery tank is full.

  • Reduce maintenance costs with a water resistant control panel that protects electrical components from water ingress.

  • Minimise service costs with output regulator that protect motors by preventing over-work (on self-propel model).

Technical Details

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