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PRO-LINE 28 80% IP65 CND1

The PL28 is a compact workhorse suitable for doors of up to 28m2 or 450 kg. This operator can optionally be frequencycontrolled in combination with the FU control system.

Operation of the operator

The Pro-Line CND1 operators are operated by means of the CND1 control system. This allows an overhead door to be set and operated by means of illuminated push buttons. The control system has a potential-free relay as standard, with the option to expand to 3. You can also choose to add a receiver, for operation of the operator using hand-held openers.

Max. door dimensions:     

28 m²

Max. door leaf weight:      

450 kg

Power supply:                       


Operating frequency:       

50 Hz

Motor power:                        

0,55 kW

Output speed:                      

24 rpm

Protection class:                  

IP 65

Starting torque:                   

100 Nm

Cycles/Duty cycle:              

40/80% CPH 

Shaft options:                        

1" inc

Control output voltage:    

24 V

Output current capacity: 

360 mA

Operating current:              

2,8/1,6 A

Control supply:                     

230/400 V

Ambient temperature:      

-5 / +40 C

Technical Details

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