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Firescreen type FS2 EW 60

Because of the limited top space required, these fire curtains are applied a lot in case of indoor situations with fireproof requirements. The fire curtain is tested at Efectis (Dutch certification institute) following the European CE rules EN 16034 and has a fire resistance of 85 minutes with a measured heat of 13.2 kW/m2 where a maximum heat of 15 kW/m2 at 60 minutes is allowed. The silver-colored single curtain is durable and has undergone an cyclitest with 10.000 movements.


  • Single layer fire curtain

  • Approved according CE standard EN 16034:2014

  • Resistance class EW60 EN 1634-1 + A1:2018

  • Extended application EN15269-11+C:2019 size 10.000 x 8.000

  • Minimum installation space required.

Our FS2 EW60 fire curtain is because of the tight guides ans small cover very good suitable for in- door situations with fireproof requirements.

Application areas are in industrial, food, utility and agricultural markets. Our fire curtain is tested by Efectis in Holland (Notified body).

Approved according CE norm EN 16034:2014, EN 13241, EN 1634-1:+A1:2018 and EXAP EN 15269-11+C:2019.
Certification EW60 minutes.

The silver-colored single fire curtain is made from a special fabric and is double horizontal stitched. The loop slides in both of the guides over a con- ductor that ensures for a strong connection. These conductors keep the roll with the fabric in place, and are pre-assembled. The bearing tube Ø 78 mm is mounted.

The guides and steel cover are supplied in galvanized steel. Optionally, it is possible to supply them in any RAL colour or in Stainless Steel.

The fire curtain is connected to the fire detection system by default or “stand alone” with temperature/ smoke detectors. The curtain is fitted with an  Failsafe motor 230V and optic / acoustic signals. In case of a fire alarm by the fire detection system or temperature/smoke detector, the screen closes automatically. Optionally, the screen can be carried out with a backup battery (UPS). Manual operation is possible through the supplied push button control box. The screen is not designed for daily use.

max.10x 8 meters with guides 80 mm

Ask for the possibilities or request a quote immediately.

Technical Details

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