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Space-saving and versatile the COMBILOK® G2 is unique in the market. Designed to restrain different commercial vehicles of varying wheel-sizes, models and axle configurations. The G2 prevents premature driving away from the loading bay as well as "vehicle creep". For new and existing buildings and for a diverse fleet of vehicles. Ultimate safety, flexibility and versatility for today's challenges at the loading bay. The Next Level in Safety.

  • Maximum Safety

  • More Shuntability & Manoeuvrability

  • Optimal Versatile Flexibility

  • Ultimate Durability

  • TÜV Rheinland Approved - according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  • Improve Productivity

Restraining all vehicle sizes and types

What makes the COMBILOK® G2 game-changing for the industry, is its flexible versatility. This automatic vehicle restraint system is suitable for all vehicle sizes and for fleet with varying models of vehicles.

The COMBILOK® G2 facilitates a programmable locking height range from a mere 240 mm to an incredible 460 mm, thus ultimate flexibility to match any fleet requirements. Be it small wheel diametres, large wheel diametres, and vehicles with or without side skirts. Independent from the number of axles and whether the vehicle has rear steering axles.

MAXIMUM SAFETY - Accident & Theft Prevention

A mistake due to time pressure and miscommunication is easily made whereby the Stertil Dock Products COMBILOK® G2 automatic vehicle restraint system is a spearhead for safety and accident prevention. There is no other vehicle restraint on the market that can restrain such a wide range of different sized vehicles.

Due to its smart and compact design, the G2 is incredibly simple and effective to install for both a new and an existing building situation. The G2 also does not have unlike other systems additional components mounted on the loading bay driveway, making it easier for the driver to position the vehicle. Fewer mechanical parts also means less repair, maintenance and uptime.

The COMBILOK® G2 ensures maximum safety, has been engineered for optimum durability, has a long lifespan, is TÜV Rheinland Approved according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 


  1. Wheel Detection: Once the operator has enabled the COMBILOK®G2, a built-in sensor automatically detects the rear most wheel and the height of the wheel. There is no contact with the vehicle or anything else, such as, mud-guards, lights, wheel rims, side skirts or the under-run protection.

  2. Vehicle Restrained: The blocking arm presses with 140 bar firmly against the wheel ensuring that the vehicle is blocked and prevents premature driving away or "vehicle creep". Once the vehicle is restrained the traffic light turns red on the outside of the building indicating that the vehicle has been restrained.

  3. Reversed Order: When the loading or unloading is completed, the operator can reverse the whole process with the touch of a button.

  4. Green Light: Once the blocking arm returns to the start position, the traffic light on the outside of the building turns green. The signal to the driver that he may drive away.

Plug & Play Installation

If you want to keep your personnel and goods safe and secure the COMBILOK® G2 is essential. It has been engineered for optimum durability and has a long lifespan.

The G2 measures 4.8 metres in length and only requires approximately 6.3 metres installation space.

This robust galvanised automatic vehicle restraint system is manufactured from galvanised steel, is all-weather proof and all hydraulic components are protected inside the housing. It's a plug & play installation, its pure simplicity results in reduced maintenance and repair.

LED Guidance System

An advanced guidance system with automated indirect LED lighting ensures absolute visibility and safe guidance for the driver especially when the light is poor.

White LED lighting underneath the automatic vehicle restraint system COMBILOK® G2 is switched on at dusk and red and white undulating LED light when in use. There is also a "white sound " option for suburban locations especially developed to reduce environmental impact caused by noise.

Automatic Safety Sequence Control

For the absolute premium in safety control there is also the option to choose the Stertil Dock Products G2 two-way interlocking sequence.

Once the vehicle is locked the traffic light turns red on the outside of the building indicating that the vehicle has been locked. At the same time on the inside of the loading bay the COMBILOK® G2 control panel indicator light turns green and signals that the vehicle is safely secured by the G2.

The warehouse door can now be opened and the loading or unloading can begin. This sequence called Stertil Closed Door Docking SystemTM is designed for maximum safety, but also for optimum temperature control for higher energy efficiency, contributing to a better environmental footprint in the quest for improved sustainability.

It actually makes your building “greener” by reducing energy usage and preventing temperature fluctuations in the warehouse building or the distribution centre.

Technical Specifications

  • Length of COMBILOK G2 4.8 metres.

  • Installation space required 6.3 metres.

  • Restraining height range from 240-460 mm.

  • Manufactured from galvanised steel.

  • Complete electrical hydraulic operation, controlled via a microprocessor.

  • Integrated Wheel Guide.

  • Delivery ready Plug & Play installation.

  • Emergency release possible at all times.


  • LED Lighting.

  • "White Sound".

  • Stertil® Key Dual Height Control option. This control options allows the use of two programmable blocking heights for a diverse fleet of vehicles.

Technical Details

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