PVC Strip Curtains


In places where you want to conserve energy or isolate temperature zones cheaply, PVC strip curtains is an excellent solution. Please see below the various types of PVC we can provide.

Standard Grade

The Workhorse of the flexible PVC family. From small interior doors or conveyor belt openings to large exterior doors or temporary warehouse wall separations, clear PVC will cover all applications with ease. Clear standard PVC also offers excellent light transmission and is suitable for temperatures from +38°C to -10°C.

Double Ribbed Grade

Manufactured for high footfall openings & forklift traffic. The “rib” stands proud of the flat surface, taking the impact from pallets, crates, trolleys, cages etc. This considerably increases the strips life expectancy as the recessed part of the strip stays scratch free. Available in both standard and polar grades. Also known as “Bumper strip”.


Frosted Grade

All the same attributes as standard grade PVC but with the added benefit of a “frosted” finish. This finish has the same desired effect as privacy glass, impairing the vision enough to make it impossible to identify clearly anything on the other side. Ideal for storerooms, warehouses etc. where the concealment of goods or products is essential yet allowing enough daylight through to see larger shadows and objects.


Coloured Grade

A standard range of the most popular colours are stocked but any colours can be manufactured to order. Transparent, translucent and opaque colours are all available, please contact us for our current availability.

Polar (Freezer) Grade

When temperature control is a must, keeping cold in or heat out then a low temperature polar grade PVC is a must. Ideal for cold stores, refrigerated vehicles, freezer rooms etc, and suitable for temperatures +20°C to -35°C.

Perforated Grade

As standard grade PVC but maximises ventilation both in & out of the premises. Ideal for kitchens, canteens, take-aways, restaurants and cafés. Allows doors to be open yet still adhering to required legislation.

Welding Grade

Minimises the risk of welding flash to other employees that may be in close proximity to any welding works. This translucent material is available in green, bronze and red welding grades.

Anti-static Grade

A rapidly expanding product due to the ever increasing installations of clean rooms and data storage centres. This product helps to reduce the static charge as both objects or personnel pass through.

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