All your warehousing needs from a single source


For almost 30 years now, Spima has been diversifying its product range to provide the most complete range of products and services for all types of warehouses and modern day distribution centers. Having exclusive rights to leading and world class European manufacturers for the Cyprus market, not only are we able to offer top quality products, we are also trained to give our customers unparalleled customer support. The only people we will disappoint are the competition!


High speed doors

Spima has partnered up with the leading German manufacturer of high speed doors, Efaflex and is now ready to offer top products backed up with our...

Industrial Cleaning

Premium industrial and mid-level cleaning machines from Tennant are available for purchasing or renting.

Impact Barriers

A-Safe is the most innovative safety barrier system ever. So innovative in fact, that it effectively makes conventional steel barriers obsolete...

Dock Equipment

Our top dutch supplier Stertil is a leading manufacturer of dock equipment, ranging from all types of hydraulic dock levellers to dock shelters, dock...


In areas where hydraulic dock levellers are not applicable we can supply a large range of ramps or bridge plates to accommodate your loading.

Lifting Equipment
Industrial Doors

Spima can supply overhead panel doors of all types and sizes according to your requirements. Standard panel thickness of 40mm...

Storage Systems

Spima is the sole distributor for SSI-Schaefer Systems, the largest and highest quality supplier of storage and automation systems.


Through the leading manufacturer of Meiser in Germany, we can suppy all sorts of gratings, profile planks and staircase systems.

Waste Bins
Plastic Pallets

By the largest Germany producer of plastic pallets Craemer, we have all your specific needs covered whether food grade or regranulated plastic.

Plastic Containers

By representing SSI Schaefer for 2 decades now, Spima can supply a vast range of top quality plastic containers, ranging from shelf containers...

Workshop Equipment

Via SSI Schaefer, Spima can supply a wide range of workshop equipment, ranging from workbenches, lockers, tool cabinets and much more.

Cold Store Clothing
About us

Spima was formed in 1990 to serve the needs of the materials handling sector, especially in the areas of warehouse storage systems.


Over the years, diversification expanded the company's activities to include a full range of supplies for the logistics industry including and not limited to docking equipment, industrial cleaning machines, industrial, high speed & garage doors, light duty handling equipment as well as office filing & archiving systems. We represent leading European manufacturers as their sole distributor in order to serve the Cyprus market with a full range of products, ranging from simple office filing cabinets to complex automated warehousing installations.

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