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Step bumper

The StepBumper offers unprecedented heavy-duty low-level protection.

The StepBumper offers unprecedented heavy-duty low-level protection that prevents injuries and damage in vehicle charging areas, goods holding areas and pedestrian walkways. 

The dangers in these areas of the workplace can lead to pedestrian injuries, damaged infrastructure and costly downtime.

Max impact rating 15,800 Joules (equivalent to 6.4 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 8.0 km/hr)

The twin layered Monoplex product offers a softer upper layer which dissipates energy whilst the lower harder layer provides rigidity around the fixing holes. 

This ensures the StepBumper remains strong under impact and distributes energy across the product, reducing the risk of damage and minimizes the risk of fixings pulling out of the ground.

Comes in 3 sizes, 600, 900, 1200mm

Technical Details

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Step bumper
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