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Quick, easy installation that protects rack legs from front, side and scrape damage from industrial vehicles.

RackGuard™ is designed to protect rack legs and uprights from front, side and scrape impacts by workplace vehicles.

RackGuard works by absorbing and deflecting impacts. It transfers energy around the rack leg rather than through it, preventing damage and maintaining the structural integrity of the racking system.

Ten frictional grip points, a compression hinge and a centralising rubber lug ensure a secure grip to any rack leg. The RackGuard Tool Set makes installations quick and simple.

Max impact rating 1,000 Joules (equivalent to 3.0 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 2.8 km/hr)

Available in heights of 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm and in yellow as standard.  Suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 0 - 1000mm.

Technical Details

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