The stackable SSI Schäfer storage bin from the LF 211 series made of robust PP plastic and a capacity of 0.9 l is ideal for storage and transport.


Polypropylene is a hard, solid and thermally resilient plastic, which is insensitive to most acids, alkalis and oils. In addition, the storage bin has a temperature resistance of -20 ° C to +100 ° C. The smooth inner walls allow easy cleaning.


With the open fronted storage bins of the LF 211 series, you can bring order to your warehouse, because you can keep small parts clearly in the 0.9 l bins. Thanks to different colors, you can put together an individual system tailored to your needs. Integrated grooves for partitions allow additional subdivision of the storage bins.


The individual design enables an ideal use for picking and transport. The storage bin is silenced on conveyor lines.




  • Made of polypropylene plastic (PP)
  • Dimensionally stable and robust
  • Insensitive to most oils, acids and alkalis
  • Temperature resistant from -20 ° C to + 100 ° C




  • With stacking rim, recessed grip and grooves for partitions
  • Smooth inner walls ensure easy cleaning
  • Color options: yellow, green, blue, red
  • Contents: 0.9 l
  • Load capacity: 5 kg
  • External dimensions: L 168 x W 103 x H 76 mm
  • Internal dimensions: L 133 x W 88 x H 67 mm




  • Easily stackable (also with stacking boxes series 14/6)
  • Can be easily integrated into all shelf systems
  • Noise-reducing on conveyor lines
  • For storage area and transport
  • Picking and clear storage of small parts


More details:


  • Large selection of accessories for individual design
  • Made by SSI Schäfer
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year guarantee

LF 211 (168 x 103 x 76 mm)

  • Stackable

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