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It is available in a variety of lip lengths up to 1,000 mm and dynamic capacities from 6-8 tonnes, for accurate and efficient loading and unloading. The X-Series is supplied with an auto-park function as standard; with a push of a button, the leveller is brought back to its start position.

Wide Choice of Lip Lengths: The Stertil telescopic lip X-Series levellers offer numerous possibilities and can be customised for your loading and unloading dock requirements. The length of the platform will primarily be determined by the height difference between the warehouse floor and the expected range of vehicle loadbeds. In order to guarantee smoother loading and unloading with less physical strain, Stertil Dock Products base its sizes on a lower maximum incline than is stipulated by the EN 1398 Directive.

Ideal for end loads: The Stertil Dock Products' Telescopic Dock Leveller is a highly practical and reliable solution. The telescopic lip is fully controllable at variable lengths of up to 1,000 mm. This makes the dock leveller ideal for efficient loading and unloading end loads at the back of the truck. The long chamfers and the lip angle ensure a smooth transition from the dock leveller to the vehicle floor in every situation. The various installation methods, wide range of sizes and load capacities of 6 or 8 tonnes make the X-Series telescopic dock leveller very versatile.

Optimum safety: In case of premature vehicle departure whereby the forklift truck is still on the X-Series telescopic dock leveller, the automatic panic-stop activates. The leveller, in most cases, remains in operation even after a panic-stop situation. The emergency stop button on the control console can also be operated manuallyDuring maintenance, the dock leveller is held safely in position by means of a special maintenance strut. When the leveller is in parked position, it is automatically supported by two cross-traffic safety legs.

Interlock Operation System: The X-Series Stertil Dock Products dock leveller can be positioned perfectly using the three control buttons, and returned to the parked position using the standard auto-park function. There are several advanced control options which provide additional functions such as door control, shelter control, automated interlock to prevent operation when the dock door is not fully open, and automatic door closure locking until the leveller has been parked correctly.

Standard Sizes - 6 tons models XP - XF

Theoretical working ranges for "Standard" XF - XP and XFH - XPH Series:

Lengths (mm)                                  2000**  2200**  2500  2800  3000  3500   4000  4500

Above Dock                600 MM*  340         395        345     385     360     375      410     385 

                                       1000 MM*  365         425        395     435     405     415       450    420

Below Dock                 600 MM*  380         355        335     325      315     425       370    345 

                                       1000 MM*  405         380        375     360     350    460      400    365

Frame Height (mm)  XF - XP      585         585        585     585     585     700      700    700

Standard Sizes - 8 tons models XFH - XPH

Lengths (mm)                                 2000**     2200**     2500     2800     3000     3500

Above Dock                600 MM*  260           280           315         355        380       365 

                                       1000 MM*  285           310            375        410        435       405

Below Dock                 600 MM*  350           335           320        380        255        375 

                                       1000 MM*  370           370           350        310         280       410

Frame Height          XFH - XPH   585           585           585        585        700       700

Platform width (mm)   1750, 1830, 2000, 2110, 2250
* Calculated with a fully extended 600 mm and 1000 mm lip
** Maximum lip length of 785 mm, for 2000 mm and 2200 mm long models

F = Frame Installation (Hanging type), P = Pit Installation(Closed type), H = Heavy-Duty, Long life span

Technical Specifications

The platform, beams and lip are manufactured from high tensile steel (S355J0 / STEEL 52). Both the platform and the lip from the 6 tons have a tear plate surface (8/10 mm and 13/15 mm respectively).The platform and lip of the 8 tons series XFH, XPH have a tear plate surface (10/12 mm and 15/17 respectively), making them suitable for 3-wheel forklift trucks.

The lip length is 600 mm as standard with a 72 mm chamfer on the front edge and a lip angle of 5.5 degrees.

Black Anti-Corrosion Coating and galvanised frame components to protect the dock leveller against all weather conditions. Standard protection is an anti-corrosive coating and paint finish of 80 micrometres total thickness. other colours are available upon request.

Unique Design

The unique design includes a central (main) cylinder, front-mounted for maximum lifting efficiency, a fully controllable lip with nylon rollers, a closed rear hinge, and automatic safety legs with damping rubbers.

Wide choice of control box functions with auto park as standard and numerous options, such as integrated operation with the COMBILOK vehicle restraint, dock door or shelter.

Technical Details

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