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iFlexRail Column Guard

iFlexRail Column Guard is designed to provide bespoke protection for columns, building supports and structures of any size and shape.

Impact-resisting barriers are highly visible to drivers and provide a robust physical shield for vulnerable structures. The rails are set apart from the column to isolate and absorb collision forces away from uprights.

Fully modular and adaptable, the barriers can also be supplied as two- or three-sided units to safeguard corner columns or columns adjacent to walls.

Max impact rating 5,800 Joules (equivalent to 2.3 ton impacting at 90 degrees @ 8.0 km/hr)

Available in yellow, black or grey as standard. iFlexRail Column Guard can be tailored to fit any column. A fully modular system means rails and posts can be easily replaced in-situ without removing adjacent barrier sections.  

Suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 450 – 1100mm.

Technical Details




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