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NS (normal system)

The NS is a standard rail system where the door moves horizontally behind the daylight opening.

ConDoor meticulously designs and manufactures rail systems according to precise specifications, guaranteeing years of trouble-free performance.

“A solution for every situation.”

ConDoor offers customized solutions for every industrial building and situation. For example, their versatile tube system can be seamlessly integrated with any rail system. ConDoor has also designed a rapid-installation dock door specifically for distribution centers, made possible by their patented Smart Connection® technology, which simplifies installation across all their rail systems.

“Smart Connection®, the best connection!”

ConDoor exclusively utilizes premium European steel in the production of their rail systems, ensuring longevity and durability. Additionally, all rail systems are equipped with powder-coated torsion springs and the required operating components to meet the highest quality standards.

  • The normal system requires a minimum for 420mm headroom in order to work.

  • Dock door version not available for Normal system

Technical Details

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NS (normal system)
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