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eFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail

Segregates people from hazards. Defines walkways and safe areas and keeps people to specified routes.

eFlex™ Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail is designed to guide pedestrians within a facility and restrict them to defined routes. It can be used indoors or outdoor environments.

The flexible, high-visibility barriers clearly mark pedestrian walkways and act as a physical barrier, ensuring visitors and personnel do not accidentally stray from safe areas.

eFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail is ideal for defining the flow of pedestrian traffic and physically separating people from hazards and equipping build base specifications.

No impact rating. 

Available in various lengths and with yellow rails and black posts as standard.  Multi-directional posts ensure an efficient and tailored fit into any facility.  

Suitable for static loads of 2kN.

Technical Details

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eFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail
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